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iBEAM provides a variety of cameras for purchase or rent to meet the needs and budgets of all projects.

For construction projects, a picture can be worth more than a thousand words. The right picture can be worth thousands of dollars when it keeps you on schedule, stops mistakes before they happen and helps you quickly settle disputes.

iBEAM cameras let you see every detail of your job site when it matters most in high-quality 4K (or larger) photos and videos. From the exclusive 24-megapixel Time-Lapse Pro camera to the amazing 109°-field-of-view OnSite Fixed 4K and 360° pan on the OnSite PTZ 4K, iBEAM leads the industry when it comes to camera quality and selection.

  • 4K UltraHD time-lapse movies - the fastest way to see construction progress
  • Live jobsite video and photo archiving -- see what's happening on site right now and pinpoint exactly what happened in the past
  • 4G LTE cellular communication included -- getting started as easy as 1) open the box, 2) position/mount the camera, and 3) start capturing images
  • Non-penetrating roof mount option and alternative power options avaiable for all cameras!

This unedited time-lapse movie was created on-demand using an iBEAM OnSite PTZ camera.

"iBEAM has exceeded my expectations at every encounter."

M. Pfrimmer, Project owner

"I love this camera. Love, love, love."

L. Whitney, Project owner

"The staff at iBEAM is great to work with."

B. Gross, Project manager

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One iBEAM client reports that his camera saved his project over $90,000!

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