Time-Lapse Pro 4K+ Construction Camera

Your projects -- in exceptional photos and 4K time-lapse movies.

iBEAM Time-Lapse Pro 4K+ construction camera

iBEAM Time-Lapse Pro cameras document your projects with detail-rich photos and amazing time-lapse movies.

  •   DSLR Camera for Best Photo Quality in the Industry
  •   8.3 to 24 Megapixel Images
  •   Online Photo Album
  •   On-demand 4K Ultra HD Time-lapse Movies
  •    Professionally edited 4K Time-lapse at completion
  •   Power Interruption Alerts by Email
  •   4G LTE Cellular Communication Included
  •    Indoor or Outdoor use
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Installation is fast and easy. Just plug the camera into power.
Solar and 12V power solutions are available.

  Why choose a DSLR contruction camera? The sensors in DSLR cameras are significantly larger than those in other types of cameras and have two main advantages: better image quality (less noise/graininess) and better light sensitivity (better pictures in low light and bright light/shadow conditions). When your project photos matter, a superior-quality camera like the Time-Lapse Pro is essential.

"Time-lapse video helps us illustrate how fast modular buildings are installed. It's quite dramatic to see a building being installed in a few days as opposed to a few months with conventional construction. We also use the cameras to document how our modular buildings are assembled. It can be hard for our customers to visualize how 24 modules fit together like Legos to create a building. Time-lapse video allows us to capture the installation so the customer understands the process."

Darleen Sita, WillScot

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All iBEAM cameras are backed by our outstanding support, lifetime warranty and 30-day money back guarantee.

What's included

Standard equipment:

  • Digital SLR camera with 24 megapixel sensor
  • 4G LTE cellular modem with high-gain antenna
  • Outdoor-rated camera enclosure with heating/cooling
  • 65.5° wide-angle lens
  • RJ-45 Ethernet port
  • 120V AC power supply
  • iBEAM Lifetime Warranty

Optional items:

Hosting Services

Construction camera photo archive displayed on multiple screens

iBEAM hosting services include everything you need to effectively document and share project progress.

  •   Online Photo Archive
  •   On-demand 4K Time-lapse Movies
  •    Professionally-edited 4K Time-lapse Movie at completion
  •    Secure Remote Photo Storage
  •   4G LTE Cellular Data Service
  •    Web Site Integration

The iBEAM Camera Console is web-based and accessible on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. No software or app required!

The Time-Lapse Pro hosting services include:

  • 8.3 megapixel photos uploaded every 10 minutes (6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.)
  • 4K Ultra HD time-lapse movies
  • Digital pan-tilt-zoom
  • You hold the copyrights to all photos and movies

Customize your hosting services to best meet your project's needs:

  • Up to 24 megapixel photos
  • Custom archiving schedule/24-hour photo archiving


iBEAM Time-Lapse Pro 4K+ info

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iBEAM Time-Lapse Pro 4K+ specs

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