Construction Cameras for Tenant Improvements & Other Interior Projects

Construction camera documenting interior project


By now you know that construction cameras are powerful tools. They enable users to stay up-to-date on their projects and view construction activity with UltraHD 4K resolution photos or via a live video stream from their desktop or mobile devices from virtually anywhere in the world.

Construction cameras help create indisputable visual evidence of project activity for fast conflict resolution, should the need ever arise. They ensure proper safety measures are in place and being followed by the construction team, helping to keep job sites safer and minimizing costly delays.

They also help improve communication, collaboration, and marketing efforts via the sharing of photos, time-lapse movies, and live video. This can help resolve issues and head off problems, as well as help to generate new opportunities for your company.

Construction cameras may be a small part of a construction project’s budget, but they provide big benefits to everyone working on the project.

The Common Construction Camera Misconception

Construction cameras are used on more and more projects every year, yet we’re still surprised by how often we hear, “Once the walls are up, we won’t need a camera any more.”

This common misconception leads some contractors to miss out on the benefits of construction cameras during crucial interior work.

Construction cameras provide just as much value, if not more, to interior projects and tenant improvements. They give teams the ability to transition focus from nearly-completed exterior components of a build to the just-beginning interior aspects that require more time and attention to detail.

Moving your construction camera inside or adding a second camera to view interior work deserves strong consideration.

Construction Cameras Deliver Value to Interior Projects

From new warehouse builds to TIs and renovation projects, construction cameras prove their worth to interior projects day in and day out.

When used on interior projects, construction cameras allow users to:

  • Ensure subcontractors are completing tasks in a timely manner, helping to coordinate trades and keep projects on schedule and on budget
  • Maintain quality control on finish work, helping to prevent costly (and very visible) surprises or mistakes
  • Capture projects from a different angle for improved marketing efforts, helping to showcase a wider variety of services and skill sets to potential clients
  • Deter theft. A visible camera on an interior project is a natural theft deterrent to any wannabe thief.
Woodlands by Empire Construction Group

Find the Right Solution for Your Next Project -- Inside and Out

A construction camera on an interior build can be just as easy to set up and install as an exterior-mounted camera, provided that you have the right camera solution.

Consider the experience of Todd Harris, owner of Empire Construction Group in Idaho. He and his team had never installed a construction camera on a project until an owner required one be included for a recent interior build. An iBEAM Fixed 4K camera was ideal for the interior construction project; its super wide-angle lens captured the entire project, the 4G LTE modem meant that Todd did not have to worry about providing network connectivity for the camera, and the camera was easily mounted to a ceiling cross member (and out of the way of construction).

“Installing and setting up the iBEAM construction camera was one of the simplest things we did on this project. This thing is F***ING COOL!

— Todd Harris, Empire Construction Group

When you’re ready to select a construction camera solution for your next interior construction project, keep in mind not all solutions are created equal.

For instance, not all solar-powered construction cameras will operate indoors. Not all ‘wide-angle’ construction cameras are going to be wide enough to actually capture your entire interior job.

Knowing your project goals and having a plan for viewing interior construction ahead of time will help you find a solution that accommodates all of your needs, saving you time and heartache down the road. After all, there’s little worse than finding a solution you think will be a great fit, only to find out months later that it doesn’t have the flexibility to accommodate your changing needs, and was ultimately a waste of time and money.

iBEAM is Here to Help

Our team of camera specialists is here to help you find the right construction camera solution for your next project.

We can help with everything from camera model recommendations to alternative power solutions based specifically on your project details, so don’t hesitate to reach out and request a 100% free quote for your next project!

And don’t forget, we offer purchase and rental options, as well a multiple-camera discounts, so regardless of whether your next project is an exterior or interior project, keep it protected and documented with an iBEAM Construction Camera.

Until next time, keep what’s really important in focus.


Vicki Robertson
Vice President
iBEAM Construction Cameras

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