“If we would have known how easy iBEAM Construction Cameras are to use, we would have ditched the DIY pictures a long time ago!”

Todd H., Specialty Contractor

“With iBEAM Construction Cameras, we found a feature-rich construction camera that’s easy for our team to use. More importantly, it’s cost-effective and economical for the project.”

Oli W., Project Estimator

“Just this week we didn’t know when a delivery was made. We jumped online with our iBEAM Construction Camera and there it was…super easy! Watching everything live is unreal!”

Jason O., Vice President of Estimating

“We were able to save A LOT of money because of our iBEAM Construction Cameras! For example, they helped catch natural disasters which allowed for a very easy insurance claim that could have been difficult to prove otherwise.”

Tiffany L., Commercial Real Estate Developer

“People like time-lapse movies. There’s something to be said for being able to see a year’s worth of work in just a few minutes.”

Martin F., Professional Photographer

“One of our favorite features is the time-lapse movies and date filtering, especially since it’s all on-demand and I have full control.”

Ziad M., Project Manager/Senior Civil Engineer

“I can’t believe how easy these iBEAM Construction Cameras are to use! It’s really as simple as plugging in the camera.”

Jason O., Vice President of Estimating

“We received the edited time-lapse video and everyone on the team was impressed with the outcome!”

Chase R., Project Manager

“The owners of the project find the construction cameras very helpful since they’re back in New York. The cameras are nice to have on the job site”

Isaac J., Sr. Superintendent

“The construction cameras allow our construction manager the ability to see exactly what needs to be addressed at each location, at any time. What a time saver!”

Tiffany L., Commercial Real Estate Developer

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