Ethernet-connected 4K Construction Cameras & Their Benefits

Ethernet-connected construction camera


When looking at using a construction camera on an upcoming project, you’ll need to consider whether to use a cellular or Ethernet connection for your construction camera.

Before you decide one way or the other, let’s take a look at the biggest benefits provided by Ethernet-connected construction cameras and how they might be the best choice for your upcoming project(s).

If you’d like a quick refresher on the differences between Ethernet-connected construction cameras and cellular-connected ones, be sure to check out our blog article that covers just that!

Why Use an Ethernet Connection? The Benefits, of Course…

Money saved using a construction camera

Perhaps one of the most important benefits of Ethernet-connected construction cameras is the immediate cost savings. You can save up to $500 on the cost of your camera when you choose an Ethernet-connected model.

In addition, since you’ll be using the Internet connection already available at your job site, you won’t have to pay for cellular service, which means savings on your monthly hosting costs, which means more money for other things in your budget!

Plus, our Ethernet-connected construction camera solutions are eligible for our Prepay and/or Multisystem Discounts, too, so you can save even more! Ask an iBEAM camera specialist for more info about our available discounts, today.

Powerful Live-Streaming Video Performance

Coming in as a close second to the cost savings noted above, Ethernet-connected construction cameras deliver a POWERFUL user experience from start to finish.

With your construction camera hard-wired to the Internet via the Ethernet at your job site, you can experience full 4K Ultra HD live video and faster frame rates (as compared to cellular-connected solutions).

UNLIMITED Live Video Updates & Sharing

Unlimited construction camera sharing


Finally, with an Ethernet-connected construction camera, you’re able to share UNLIMITED live-streaming video updates from all of your projects with partners, investors, the local community, and social followers alike.

For example, you can give everyone in your office access to your camera(s) so they can watch in real-time as projects take shape via the live video feature. You can also embed your project’s live HD stream directly onto your company home page or project web page for everyone to enjoy.

We could go on and on, but you get the idea. Ethernet-connected construction cameras are perfect for keeping everyone involved on a project up-to-date and in-the-know with real-time updates.

Put an Ethernet-connected Construction Camera to the Test

Ethernet-connected construction camera


The next time you have a project that requires a construction camera solution, consider putting an Ethernet-connected construction camera to work, if possible. With the immediate cost-saving benefits and performance improvements afforded by Ethernet-connected camera solutions, we’re confident you’ll thoroughly enjoy using one on your next project!

If you have questions about Ethernet-connected construction cameras or would like to place an order for your next project, contact our team of camera professionals and they’ll be more than happy to help.

Until next time, keep what’s really important in focus.


Vicki Robertson
Vice President
iBEAM Construction Cameras

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