Feature Spotlight: On-demand 4K Time-lapse Movies

On-demand time-lapse movies


Arguably one of the most popular features construction cameras deliver to construction projects of all sizes is the ability to create and view time-lapse movies of a project whenever and wherever you want.

That's why each and every iBEAM camera solution includes unlimited, on-demand 4K time-lapse movies from day one at no additional cost. And when we say unlimited, we mean unlimited!

Let’s take a look at what on-demand time-lapse movies are and why they’re valuable to construction projects like yours.

What Are On-demand Time-lapse Movies?

Just as the name implies, they are time-lapse movies of your construction project that are available to view and download at any time you’d like (on demand).

Specifically, on-demand time-lapse movies are hundreds (if not thousands) of high-quality photos from your project that are compiled into a 4K movie. iBEAM's on-demand time-lapse movies give you and your team control of what you want to see from a job site, with the ability to select specific date and time ranges for your on-demand movies.

Your on-demand movies can be used in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Want to see how work on job site went over the weekend?
    Just log in to your password-protected iBEAM camera page and create an on-demand time-lapse movie encompassing the weekend dates you want to review. Easy peasy.
  • Want to share a monthly progress report with the project owner?
    Select your dates and a monthly progress time-lapse movie will be ready to view and share in moments! There’s no better way to show your project progress than with a crisp 4K time-lapse movie!
  • Want to highlight an entire project from start to finish and show off the professionalism and quality you and your team deliver to your clients?
    It really is as easy as 1) select the dates and times for your time-lapse movie and 2) preview, then download your movie. Now your project-long 4K time-lapse movie is ready to go and share with the world.

Pretty awesome, isn't it?

We invite you to experience on-demand time-lapse movies from a live iBEAM Construction Camera firsthand! Check out our Demo Construction Cameras page where you can take any of our camera solutions for a live test drive!

Why Are Time-Lapse Cameras Valuable To Construction Projects?


That’s a great question! In fact, we wrote an entire blog article focusing on the ways that time-lapse cameras add value to constructionn projects.

To sum it up, it’s because of the variety of benefits they provide to projects big and small:

  • Time-lapse movies provide users, projects, and companies with a compelling way to tell a complete story about their projects.
  • Time-lapse movies and photos are a marketing GOLD MINE!
  • Time-lapse cameras can help contractors spot inefficiencies in the construction process and address them before they become an issue.
  • Construction cameras with time-lapse features provide projects with cost-effective photo documentation and job site monitoring, and serve as a means for litigation prevention should an incident occur at the job site.
  • Quality time-lapse construction cameras (such as iBEAM cameras) are easy to deploy at the job site and intuitive to use.

“If we had known how easy iBEAM Construction Cameras are to use, we would have ditched the cell phone pictures a long time ago!

— Todd Harris, Empire Construction Group

Put a 4K Time-Lapse Construction Camera to the Test

Now is the perfect time to test drive a time-lapse camera solution for your next project.

Contact an iBEAM camera specialist today to learn more about our robust time-lapse solutions or to request a personalized quote for an upcoming project. With purchase and rental options available, we’re confident we have the right camera — at the right price — for you.

And don’t forget to ask our camera specialists about ways to save on your next iBEAM Construction Camera system, like our prepay and multi-system discounts!

Until next time, keep what’s really important in focus.


Vicki Robertson
Vice President
iBEAM Construction Cameras

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