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We look forward to providing camera services for your next project. The information below is required to activate your camera.

Please allow up to 2 business days after you submit this form for service to be activated. In some circumstances your camera may require a new SIM card to activate the modem. This requires the camera to be returned to iBEAM. An iBEAM Support Team member will notify you if this step is needed for your modem.

Do not install your camera until iBEAM has confirmed that cellular service has been turned on.

If you will be providing a network connection for the camera, please enter the static public IP, LAN IP, subnet mask and gateway addresses in the Comments section below.

If you need assistance, please contact the iBEAM Support Team at at 1.800.403.0688.

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Shipping addresses cannot be changed after an item has shipped. Please verify that this is a deliverable address. (Delivery services often have trouble finding new job site addresses.) Additional charges will apply for items returned as undeliverable.

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The Primary Contact has the ability to change hosting services and assign user permissions. Camera status notifications will be emailed to the Primary Contact.

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Get the most out of your camera by using photos and video in your marketing. We'll provide ideas, tips and HTML code samples to help you get started.

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