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Interstate overpass project captured by construction camera


In February 2018, a $200 billion infrastructure initiative was put into motion with the goal of rebuilding and modernizing aging infrastructure nationwide over the next ten years. The overall initiative is projected to spur over $1.5 trillion in investments from local and state governments, in addition to private sector investments.2

More recently, an additional $1 trillion infrastructure bill also passed in the Senate.2

With so much current and upcoming emphasis on rebuilding and improving infrastructure across the country, let’s look at why many contractors and transportation agencies use iBEAM cameras to help monitor and document these high-visibility and high-value projects.

Benefits Construction Cameras Deliver to Transportation Projects

iBEAM Construction Cameras provide versatile, real-world monitoring and photo documentation solutions to transportation projects in multiple ways:

  • Maintain Public Trust.
    With taxpayer money helping to fund many transportation construction projects, it’s important to maintain transparency and demonstrate to the public where their tax money is going. Sharing timely updates on project progress reinforces that the inconvenience of traffic delays is only temporary and will be worth it once the project in question is completed.

    An iBEAM Construction Camera system allows you to easily provide regular high-resolution photo and 4K UltraHD time-lapse movie updates from your project for use on your website, social media, and traditional media outlets so you can show the public exactly what’s happening at the job site on a regular basis.

  • Keep Projects on Schedule and on Budget.
    Transportation projects have to keep to a tight schedule in order to deliver projects on time and on budget.Construction cameras give you and your team the ability to confirm deliveries, track major project milestones, and spot possible delays from your online camera console, helping to eliminate costly project delays.

  • Minimize Travel to Job Sites.
    With a construction camera on your transportation project, you’re able to see construction activity as it happens without the need to travel to the site, thus reducing the number of trips you need to make over the course of the project. Simply log in to your iBEAM Construction Camera from your desktop or mobile device and see exactly what's going on at all of your job sites in real time with crystal clear resolution. Just think of the time and cost savings associated with fewer trips to the site!

  • Ensure Safety Measures are Followed.
    A construction camera allows you to make sure OSHA best practices are in place and being followed on your infrastructure project, keeping your teams and subcontractors safe. Should an incident occur, you can rest easy knowing you have photographic evidence of what happened and when.

See for Yourself


The iBEAM Camera most often used for Transportation Projects

iBEAM Fixed 4K Premier Construction Camera

  • Ultra light-sensitive 4/3” Canon sensor for the highest-quality images and video in daylight and low-light conditions!
  • A 90° wide-angle lens with fish-eye correction is ideal for exterior and interior locations.
  • Infrared sensors and illuminators to help document more of your project in less-than-ideal and low lighting.

Contact us for a camera recommendation based on your project's needs.

Try an iBEAM Construction Camera on Your Next Transportation Project

With a wide range of benefits for transportation projects big and small, it’s time to experience the power of an iBEAM camera system on your next transportation project! Request a personalized quote for your next project here.

If you have questions about our construction camera solutions and how they’re used in relation to transportation projects, or if you have a question about a specific camera or alternative power solution we offer, our team of camera specialists is here to help.

We even offer short-term camera rentals for those smaller projects that need the benefits of a construction camera!

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