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Construction Cameras for Utility Projects

Construction camera documenting waste water plant construction


With population growth comes increased demand for power and water infrastructure. It comes as no surprise that local, state, and federal governments are investing in utility projects like water reclamation plants, power stations, dams, and alternative power stations.

Utility companies and their contractors rely on construction cameras to help them monitor their projects, document progress, and keep projects on schedule. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits construction cameras deliver to utility projects and why it matters to you as a contractor working on such projects.

Benefits of Construction Cameras for Utility Projects

Construction cameras help solve many of the unique challenges of utility construction projects:

  • Maintain Public Relations and Project Transparency.
    Maintaining transparency with the public is imperative when a project is funded with taxpayer dollars. With an iBEAM Construction Camera installed on your utility project, you can share easily share high-resolution photos and captivating 4K UltraHD time-lapse movies of contruction progress on the project website, social media, and traditional media outlets, helping to build and maintain public relations and transparency.

  • Help Keep Projects on Schedule.
    With tight deadlines facing many utility projects, staying on schedule is crucial to a successful project. With a construction camera on site, you and your team can easily confirm deliveries to the job site, spot possible delays before they become an issue, and track pertinent milestones to ensure projects are completed on time.

Exterior and interior of utility construction project


  • Create an Indisputable Visual Record of Projects.
    From day one, a construction camera creates an photographic archive that can easily be accessed via your online iBEAM camera console. This online archive gives you and your team easy-to-navigate access to all of your project photos, searchable by date and time. Should an incident occur or a claim be made regarding the project, you can quickly identify and download photos of your project at the time of the alleged incident — even if it’s now years later. This indisputable photographic evidence can be enough to prevent many disputes from escalating to litigation, saving you time, money, and a lot of headaches.

  • Reduce Costly Travel to the Job Site.
    Once a construction camera is installed on your utility projects, you have real-time visual access to the projects, regardless of where they are located or how remote the site is.

    Have jobs that need to be checked on in California, Idaho, and Texas? Just log in to your iBEAM Construction Camera and see exactly what’s happening with the live-streaming video feature, or catch up on last week's progress with the photo archive or time-lapse movies.

See for Yourself


The iBEAM Camera most often used for Utility Projects

iBEAM PTZ 4K Construction Camera

  • Multiple camera preset locations to help monitor and document BIG job sites.
  • User-controlled pan-tilt-zoom features so you can zero in on what really needs your attention.
  • 12x - 32x optical zoom helps keep your entire project in focus and documented.

We offer a full line of alternative power solutions such as solar and battery power for our construction cameras. That means even if your next job doesn’t immediately have power available, we can still help get your construction camera up and running.

Contact us for a camera recommendation based on your project's needs.

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