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Construction Cameras for Warehouse and Distribution Center Projects

iBEAM Construction Cameras and distribution center project


With the need for warehouses and distribution centers on the rise, construction professionals across the United States use construction cameras to help document, monitor, and keep their projects on schedule and on budget.

Benefits of Construction Cameras for Warehouse and Distribution Center Projects

iBEAM Construction Cameras and warehouse project


Warehouse and distribution center construction projects vary in size and physical location, but one thing is certain: most are on tight deadlines.

With no time to spare, builders of warehouses and distribution centers put construction camera solutions like ours to good use for a number of reasons:

  • Keep Investors and Corporate Brass Informed.
    With a construction camera installed at your warehouse or distribution center project, you can easily provide tinely updates to team members, developers, and project owners via detailed high-resolution photos and 4K UltraHD time-lapse videos. Showcase exactly how your project is developing with realtime updates direct from your iBEAM online camera console.

  • Remotely Manage Multiple Projects.
    iBEAM Construction Cameras deliver 24/7/365 remote access to ALL of your construction projects via an intuitive and easy-to-use online dashboard. Seamlessly switch between projects, filter photos based upon date/time, create stunning 4K UltraHD time-lapse movies, and view live-streaming HD video from your job sites with the click of a button.

  • Document Exterior AND Interior Progress.
    iBEAM camera systems are ideal for documenting both the exterior and interior progress of your project. Many iBEAM users dedicate a camera to the exterior of the project and another to the interior. Others relocate the camera once exterior work is substatially complete so that they can capture work on the interior of the project. Either method is a great way showcase what you and your teams deliver to clients from multiple perspectives.

  • Insurance Safeguard.
    Accidents can and will happen in life. It’s something we all know to be true. Warehouse and distribution center projects are no exception. From severe weather to out-of-control drivers, accidents can bring construction projects to a grinding halt. However, with a construction camera installed on your project, it’s not all doom and gloom. By using an iBEAM Construction Camera to monitor and document your project, you’ll have detailed high-resolution photos with date and time stamps to help file and substantiate an insurance claim.

We Have a Construction Camera Solution For All Types of Projects & Budgets

Construction camera documenting warehouse construction


At iBEAM we understand that not all warehouse and distribution center projects have the budget to accommodate the outright purchase of a construction camera.

To help offset this, we offer short-term camera rentals for all of our construction cameras! Our camera rentals are a perfect, low-cost, low-risk way to document your warehouse or distribution project in detail-rich 4K resolution without having to worry about the long-term management of your cameras.

It’s easy — just let us know how long you’ll need a construction camera and we’ll ship one out to your job site. Then, once your project is complete, send the rental camera back to us and that’s it!

See for Yourself


The iBEAM Camera most often used for Warehouse and Distribution Center Projects

iBEAM Fixed 4K Construction Camera

  • 109° super wide-angle view to help you capture even more of your project.
  • Live-streaming HD video lets you see exactly what’s happening on your job site whenever you need.
  • A versatile camera solution ideal for exterior and interior use.
  • An affordable yet reliable camera with easy-to-use features.

Contact us for a camera recommendation based on your project's needs.

Discover How iBEAM Construction Cameras Can Help Your Projects

If you’re a construction professional that specializes in warehouses or distribution centers, now’s the time to experience the iBEAM Construction Camera difference firsthand.

Connect with our team of camera specialists to learn more about our industry-leading construction camera solutions. They are happy to answer any questions you might have about our camera solutions and put together a custom camera quote for your next project.