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When you think of construction cameras and all the ways that they benefit projects — photo documentation, litigation prevention, marketing, theft deterrent, etc. — images of large-scale projects probably come to mind.

Projects like the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City or 6900 Layton in Denver, Colorado, are prime examples of large-scale projects that utilize construction cameras to document all aspects of their project in high-resolution photos and Ultra HD time-lapse videos. But that’s to be expected, right? After all, large projects have big budgets and can easily handle the cost of a camera or two.

But what about smaller projects — projects that only take a few months to complete? Are construction cameras viable for such short-term projects? Are they worth the cost?

You’d better believe it!

Remote Job Site Access 24/7/365

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First and foremost, a construction camera on any size project allows investors, lenders, managers, and team members to all be on the same page, regardless of where they’re located. This greatly reduces expensive (and sometimes unnecessary) traveling to and from projects!

“The cameras allow us the ability to see what needs to be addressed on each location, at any time. What a time saver!”
— Tiffany L., Project Manager

With an easy-to-navigate online portal that’s accessible from nearly any device, you won’t need to worry about sending constant project updates to team members. Just set your team members up with a user account for your secure camera website and updates are available at their fingertips 24/7/365!

Keep Subcontractors and Employees Honest

This may not the first construction camera benefit that you think of but. it’s one we hear often from iBEAM users. When you install a construction camera on your commercial construction project, you’re keeping your employees and subcontractors honest, as well as holding them to a higher standard.

Consider this scenario that a client shared with us recently:

“We were able to save a lot of money because of your construction cameras!

We had a project that was delayed mid-construction. When we were able to get back to work, the GC presented us with a change order for the superintendent that he said was put on site to monitor the property while no work was being done.

“Because we had the construction cameras, we had proof that the superintendent was never on our site, and the GC could not argue the facts. The change order was withdrawn and ultimately saved us a lot of money.”

— Wall Development Group

Construction cameras create undeniable photo documentation of your commercial construction projects, giving you the evidence you need to resolve disputes.

Don’t leave your next project to chance; document the entire project from Day One.

Deter Theft

Thieves are creatures of opportunity. If they see an easy way to make a few bucks, they’re going to take it.

Unfortunately, many commercial construction job sites are ripe for the taking.

Instead of leaving your job site exposed to unnecessary risk, consider installing a construction camera. Not only will you document your entire project in crystal clear 4K+ resolution, but you’ll have a visible theft deterrent on the job site.

A visible camera on a commercial project will make thieves think twice. After all, thieves don’t know the difference between a construction camera and an ordinary security camera!

Insurance Safeguard

What happens if severe weather moves through your job site and causes damage to your project? Or if a driver loses control of their vehicle and damages property at your job site when nobody is around and then flees the scene?

These sound like worst-case scenarios, but they’ve actually happened.

Fortunately, the iBEAM clients who experiences these mishaps had a construction camera archiving photos of their projects, making it easier for their insurance companies to approve their claims because there was clear photographic evidence of exactly what occurred.

Take our friends at Wall Development Group, for instance. They had the following to share:

“Construction cameras also have caught natural disasters on film — which allowed for a very easy insurance claim that could have been difficult to prove.

"A few years ago we had a 'microburst' occur on one of our sites and our camera caught the whole thing. Construction had just started, so no draws had been made, for no inspection had been done. If the camera had not caught the natural disaster on film we would have had a hard time proving our case to the insurance company.”

— Wall Development Group

Market Your Projects More Effectively

Jackson Hewitt by Chambliss & Rabil
Image credit: Chambliss & Rabil Contractors, Inc.


Finally, showcase your hard work in 4K+ Ultra HD time-lapse video created by your iBEAM Construction Camera. You and your teams work hard to create projects you’re proud of, so why not share them with everyone to experience first-hand?

Construction cameras are an excellent tool for marketing your commercial projects and construction company. With them, you can:

  • Share regular project updates with your followers on social media
  • Showcase completed projects in 4K+ Ultra HD time-lapse videos on your website and video sharing sites (Youtube, Vimeo, etc.)
  • Include relevant project updates and job site images in monthly eNewsletters or email campaigns
  • Create print handouts with images captured from your construction camera for trade shows, direct mail campaigns, etc.
  • Incorporate drone or architectural photography with your construction camera time-lapse video to tell an even more powerful video story

The possibilities are endless when it comes to construction cameras and marketing.

Take a Peak at Single-Tenant Projects That Relied on iBEAM Cameras

Big or small, iBEAM cameras can help every construction construction project reach a successful conclusion:

Make Your Next Commercial Project a SUCCESS!

If you’re a contractor that works on single-tenant or other small commercial projects, a construction camera can help make your life easier in more ways than just one.

Protect your job site, your team, and your projects by documenting everything in crystal clear Ultra HD resolution. iBEAM camera specialists are happy to answer any questions you have about how a camera can benefit your next project, so give us a call today at800.403.0688. We are happy to help.

On behalf of everyone here at iBEAM Construction Cameras, we look forward to helping your next project shine.

Until next time, keep what’s really important in focus.


Vicki Robertson
Vice President
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