Feature Spotlight: Live Streaming HD Video

Live streaming construction camera at job site


The saying that "seeing is believing" couldn’t be more true than when it comes to the construction industry and its variety of construction projects.

The ability to log into a camera webpage and immediately see exactly what’s happening at a remote job site in real time via live streaming video is invaluable to project managers, office teams, investors, and local communities alike.

That’s one of the reasons why iBEAM Fixed 4K, Fixed 4K Premier, and PTZ construction cameras are so popular on projects big and small — they all include live streaming video as a standard feature at no additional cost!

Let’s take a closer look at what live streaming video is and why it’s valuable to construction projects like yours.

What is Live Streaming HD Video?

Live streaming HD video is real-time video of your construction project that is transmitted (streamed) to any online device — such as a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone — and viewed through a web browser.

Why Is Live Streaming Video Valuable to Construction Projects?

Live streaming video from construction site


Construction cameras with live streaming video benefit project teams and deliver untold value for construction projects of all sizes.

With the click of a button, these cameras:

  1. Deliver a 24/7/365 eye on the project, so you can see and know exactly what’s going on at your job site at any given time.
  2. Give you and your office teams the ability to check in on site work and ensure the work is meeting specifications.
  3. Help answer project or material-related questions from teams in the field without having to waste valuable time traveling to multiple job sites.
  4. Allow you and your teams to view current weather conditions at your job sites and adjust scheduling/deliveries accordingly.
  5. Help ensure material deliveries have been made to the site safely and on time.
  6. Help keep financial investors regularly updated regarding their investment/project.
  7. Provide a means to ensure OSHA, Covid, and company safety precautions are in place and being followed by team members and subcontractors.
  8. Allow you to share real-time updates with local community/media outlets to show them what’s coming soon. (This can also help keep pesky looky-loos from constantly stopping by the project and interfering with progress).

As you can see, the value and benefits delivered by construction cameras with live streaming video are incredible and second-to-none!

But don’t just take our word for it — check out what some actual iBEAM clients had to say about their live streaming camera solutions:

Put an HD Live Streaming Construction Camera to the Test!

With construction projects ramping up across North America, now is the ideal time to consider a construction camera with live-streaming video for your next project.

Connect with an iBEAM camera specialist to learn more about our robust and affordable live streaming construction camera solutions, or to request a free quote for an upcoming project. We’re confident we have the right camera, at the right price, for your next project!

Experience the power of an iBEAM Construction Camera and live-streaming video - you’ll be glad you did.

Until next time, keep what’s really important in focus.

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Vicki Robertson
Vice President