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Construction Cameras for Education Projects

iBEAM Construction Camera on higher education project


Construction cameras deliver a number of benefits to construction professionals and their education projects. From architects to contractors, engineers to subs, everyone wins with a construction camera on site.

With many K-12 and higher education projects funded by taxpayer dollars or bond sales, accountability and transparency are critical aspects of such projects. Taxpayers want to know where their dollars are going and what they’re being used for, and a construction camera easily accomplishes that.

Benefits of Construction Cameras for Education Projects

Construction cameras not only allow for accountability and transparency throughout a project, but they also provide the following benefits to education construction projects of all sizes:

  • Keep projects on track and on time.
    With a construction camera installed on your education project, you’ll be able to ensure crews are completing work in a timely manner, which means fewer costly deadline extensions and site visits. Construction cameras are an invaluable tool for keeping projects on schedule.

  • Ensure safety and security.
    Construction cameras allow you to remotely monitor your education projects from any device to make sure proper safety measures are in place and are being followed 24/7.

    With OSHA violations and penalties on the rise and of concern for contractors, a construction camera helps ensure teams don’t put themselves in unsafe situations.

    Construction cameras also provide indisputable visual evidence should dispute resolution be needed. The UltraHD images captured by our cameras help reaffirm your dedication to safety and a job done right, as well as helping to quickly resolve any possible litigation proceedings in the future.

  • Generate excitement.
    Our 4K construction cameras allow you and your team to easily share compelling time-lapse movies and UltraHD image updates of your project with the public.

    Be it on social media, video-sharing sites like YouTube, or school board meetings, regular photo and time-lapse movie updates from your construction camera help keep the community excited for what’s to come.

    Sharing regular updates from your camera is another way to help keep your project safe and clear of unwanted traffic, as it helps keep curious ‘lookie-loos’ from visiting the job site.

iBEAM Construction Project documents high school athletic field
  • Maintain transparency.
    Construction cameras allow you to be completely transparent with the public by providing regular image, time-lapse movie, and live-streaming video updates! Additionally, investors and alumni like to know how and where their money is being used, and a construction camera allows you to easily and safely do just that.

With a wide array of benefits, it’s no wonder builders and schools/universities are putting iBEAM Construction Cameras to work on projects like new school buildings, gymnasiums, athletic facilities, playgrounds, and even restoration projects.

Get More Out of Your Construction Camera

iBEAM Construction Project documents interior education project


Construction cameras are ideal for the exterior construction of new schools and educational buildings, but did you also know they’re useful for interior projects and improvements as well?

Once exterior work is substantially complete, many contractors relocate their construction camera to an interior location on the same project to help capture additional build footage from a new perspective. It’s another way to get even more out of your photo documentation and construction camera solution while continuing to keep an eye on your project as it progresses.

See for Yourself


The iBEAM Camera most often used for Education Projects

iBEAM Fixed 4K Premier Construction Camera

  • Ultra light-sensitive 4/3” Canon sensor for the highest-quality images and video in daylight and low-light conditions!
  • A 90° wide-angle lens with fish-eye correction is ideal for exterior and interior locations.
  • Infrared sensors and illuminators to help document more of your project in less-than-ideal and low lighting.

Contact us for a camera recommendation based on your project's needs.

Learn More About iBEAM Camera Solutions for Education Projects

If you’re in need of a construction camera for your next education construction project or have questions regarding our industry-leading camera solutions, our team of camera specialists is here to help.

We offer purchase and short-term rental options for all of our construction cameras, as well as alternative energy solutions like solar or battery power (in case power isn’t immediately available when the project starts).

Request a quote for a construction camera for your next project by contacting our team today.

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