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Construction Cameras for Healthcare Projects

iBEAM Construction Camera documents Denver healthcare project


From massive multi-million-dollar hospital campuses to smaller medical buildings and rehabilitation facilities, construction cameras prove their worth to healthcare and hospital construction projects across North America time and time again.

Healthcare Projects and Construction Camera Benefits

Construction cameras provide a variety of benefits to healthcare construction projects, as they:

  • Keep projects profitable and on schedule.
    Construction cameras help keep healthcare projects profitable and on schedule by providing a means of confirming deliveries of materials to the job site, tracking key project milestones, delivering actionable visual data, and helping spot and/or prevent possible delays before they become an issue. Ensure subcontractors are completing tasks in a timely manner, helping to coordinate trades and keep projects on schedule and on budget

  • Minimize unnecessary and costly site visits.
    With a construction camera documenting your healthcare project, costly and time-consuming site visits can be significantly reduced.

    By logging into your online camera web page, you and your team can see exactly what’s going on at your job site in real-time with crystal clear resolution. This allows a seamless way for teams to address questions or issues presented by the crew on the job site in a timely manner.

  • Ensure safety measures are in place and followed.
    Job site safety is imperative to successful healthcare construction projects. Construction cameras allow you to make sure OSHA best practices are in place and being followed through the entirety of your project.

    Additionally, your iBEAM construction camera automatically captures 4K+ resolution images throughout the day, so if an incident does occur at your project, you’ll have images to refer back to in order to identify what happened and when.

  • See the BIG picture from day one.
    With construction camera solutions that offer wide-angle views or remote-controlled pan-tilt-zoom, you can keep your entire job site in focus, regardless of how large it is.

    iBEAM camera solutions are incredibly versatile, allowing for both exterior and interior mounting, helping you see your project inside and out.

See for Yourself


The iBEAM Camera most often used for Healthcare Projects

iBEAM PTZ 4K Construction Camera

  • Multiple camera preset locations to help monitor and document BIG job sites.
  • User-controlled pan-tilt-zoom features so you can zero in on what really needs your attention.
  • 12x - 32x optical zoom helps keep your entire project in focus and documented.

Contact us for a camera recommendation based on your project's needs.

iBEAM is Here to Help

With construction cameras providing valuable benefits to a variety of healthcare projects, developers, builders, and investors across the United States are using them more frequently on projects.

At iBEAM, we offer purchase and rental options for all of our construction camera models, with short-term rentals starting at just one week! We’re confident we have a construction camera solution that will fit your next healthcare project.

For a personalized quote or for help with any construction camera-related questions, our team of camera specialists is standing by to help.

We can even help schedule a personalized demo to showcase exactly how our solutions can benefit you and your team on your next healthcare-based construction project.

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